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Our History

The 1920s & 30s

Edward and Noreen Theresa Brady

Edward and Noreen Theresa Brady

Established on Church Street Athenry in September 1926 by Edward Brady who later married Nora Theresa Coffey, Brady’s Family Butchers began as a Butcher shop, abattoir and livestock exporter, dealing in hand reared cattle and sheep on local Brady family land. A thriving export business and growing reputation for the finest grass fed livestock in the area meant many a visitor from neighbouring towns and cities throughout Ireland.

The economic war in the late 30’s had a profound effect on the livestock industry in the West of Ireland due to the lack of exports to the UK and beyond meaning this was a time business relationships were forged that remain to this very day between the Brady’s, loyal local families and local businesses, such as Esker Monastery, a valued customer of the Family through 3 generations.

The Post-War Years

Edward and Nora reared 4 children after the War, The Butcher Shop was located to the front of a busy home and the children learned the Family Business, tending to livestock on the farm and delivering Brady goods to local Inns, Taverns and Kitchens around Athenry and beyond. Youngest son John Joe later took over the family business on completion of his education.

The 1970s and 80s

Conor Hayes lifts the Liam McCarthy Cup

Conor Hayes lifts the Liam McCarthy Cup

With a flair for his craft and the support of his wife Una , John Joe played a leading role in early Craft Butcher Association of Ireland events.

Winning local, county, regional and national recognition for his skills in the 70s & 80s, he has honed and passed on his skills to his own son Richard, meaning Brady’s Family Butchers remain one of only five recognised craft butchers in the province of Connacht today.

Richard is one of 5 children, the arrivals of Eithne, Edward, David and John made easy the decision to expand the Business on Church street and build the New Butcher Shop in 1989 adjacent to the Athenry town wall where the business is situated today.

It is a little known fact that John Joe and Una supplied the meats to the local mart kitchen which nourished the hugely successful Galway hurlers of the late 80’s, These legendary Hurlers brought home the Liam McCarthy Cup twice in that era – A feat not accomplished since!!!

The new shop in 1989

The new shop in 1989

Expanding the business.

John Joe & Una used the new store and display cabinets to showcase their products improving the Brady offering by adding a larger selection of locally sourced produce in store, mornings would see the Brady children stacking fresh vegetables from local farms in the shop on the way out to school, and evenings were spent as a family preparing now famous Burgers, Sausages and Puddings for the business. The late 90’s saw a growing number of select restaurants and hotels adding Brady produce to fine dining menus and the improved economic situation meant that the town of Athenry was growing along with the reputation of the business and its quality fare.

A Father and Son Team

Richard and Father John Joe continually improve the offering at Brady’s. The Brady name is now synonymous with quality and tradition in the industry, typified by the new renovations at the onsite abattoir where to ensure maximum tenderness in optimal conditions they slaughter local grass fed cattle weekly and a 28 day hanging process ensues, a tradition which has remained since 1926.

Receiving our Craft Butcher Award for 2014/2015

Receiving our Craft Butcher Award for 2014/2015

Certified Excellence

In 2004 Richard Brady gained his craft butchers qualification and works closely with a highly trained team of qualified butchers and chefs embracing the eating habits of the modern family and the increasing demand for Brady meats. The shop now caters for every possible event, taste and palate, customers can choose from a selection of handmade marinated meats and stir fry mixes, party packs, salad bowls and fresh cold cuts from the deli to a huge selection of oven ready meals and meats including fresh fish and vegetarian options.


The business has seen many changes over the years, but the core Brady family values of quality and service remain.

For a full history of the Brady family in Athenry you may download Edward Brady’s M.A Thesis:

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